Harry Hedgehog Café// Tokyo, Japan

I met this adorable little fella at Harry Hedgehog Café while exploring Tokyo, Japan with a friend. We almost didn’t find the café (we actually passed it twice!) since it’s located off a winding side street in the enormous Roppongi district. It shares a building with the Bunny Café; the bunnies are on the first floor and the hedgehogs are on the second floor.

You usually have to buy tickets ahead of time if you hope to get in but my friend and I decided to wing it. We arrived just before the café opened and the staff members let us in after they had seated everyone that had tickets. The entire café is in a small room so you sit shoulder to shoulder with the people around you but everyone is handed their own hedgehog.

Now, as much as I want to gush over the cuteness of this creature and the joy of holding one, I feel that I must add an important note beforehand. Upon spending some time at the “café”, I realized this place was more of a pet store than a café. The thing that really rubbed me the wrong was when one of the staff members at the café told me that the hedgehogs don’t have names, they were only identified by numbers. 

Each person is free to decide whether or not to support a place like this, I simply want to provide the information. Thinking back on it, I wish I had done more research before getting wrapped up in the excitement of hedgehogs (but can you really blame me?).

Plus they didn’t serve coffee. 

Otherwise it was a pretty pleasant experience. Don’t expect for the hedgehogs to do much since they’re nocturnal creatures, but it’s still precious when they nap in your hands. 


Happy Travels!

xoxo VLR


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