Deer Park// Nara, Japan

Nara, Japan may not be the modern wonder that Tokyo is. Nor is renowned for its ancient temples like Kyoto is. But Nara has its own unique attraction- Deer! Located within the city is a large stretch of grassy land that is officially known as the Nara Deer Park where the deer mainly roam. However, there are no physical borders around the park, meaning that the deer are free to roam around the city (including meandering into the road!). But don’t worry about them, the people that live here greatly respect the deer and look after them.

My friend who lives in Japan told me that a special group of people take care of these deer here. They provide food for them, they make sure they have their appropriate shots, and they even cut off their antlers so nobody (and no deer) get hurt. I’m especially thankful for that last part when a particularly onery deer decided to headbutt me since I wasn’t giving him anymore deer cookies (He already had like 3 of them).

Deer cookies are basically all-natural cookies that you can buy from one of the surrounding shops to feed the deer. For the most part the deer just mind their own business, that is until they see that you have deer cookies. The really cool thing is that the deer will bob their heads up in down in a “bowing” motion when they’re asking for cookies. Overall the deer park is safe but don’t let their cute little faces fool you, some of these deer are quite feisty!  



Happy Travels!

xoxo V.L.R.


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