Café Blüte

Café Blüte is a whimsical café located in the popular neighborhood of Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea. What makes this café so noteworthy is that it seems as if it was plucked right out of children’s storybook. This magical place comes complete with a yellow cottage, outdoor swing set, and a plethora of brightly colored flowers; which makes it the perfect fairytale like setting to escape to from the everyday urban city life.

I visited the café in early April, and after a particularly harsh winter, plenty of flowers were already in bloom- I can only imagine how vibrant this place becomes once the spring weather finally comes. Their coffee is also fairly good and comes in a fairly generous sized cup. The café also sells both fresh and dried flower bouquets, just in case you want a souvenir from your time here.


Happy Travels!

xoxo V.L.R.


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