Cat Café// Seoul, South Korea

Café Exterior

The Edae shopping district is famous for its countless number of budget- friendly clothing stores, so it can be hard to imagine that there are other things to do here other than shop. But situated between two of the infinitely many clothing stores sits a place called Café Noriter- a cat café!


The café entrance from the street is on the ground level but as soon as you open the door, you are greeted by a set of stairs that take you to the second floor. The café itself occupies the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building.

Café Interior

This café used to be my friend’s favorite study café years ago before it became at cat café. So one day we decided to check out how the place now looks as a renovated cat café.

Before we were even allowed to enter the café, we had to take our shoes off and dawn on a pair of slippers that they provided. This is a common practice in many dog and cat cafes in Seoul (taking one’s shoes off before entering a house is an expectation in Korea).

Upon entering, we ordered our coffees and began to look for a place to sit. We didn’t find any available places on the first floor so we went up the stairs to the next floor.


There are plenty of cats on both floors, only the layout of the floors is different.


Our drinks came out in these adorable kitty cups! They even had a these red lids on them so our coffee would stay hot while we played with the cats (or maybe it was there to keep the cats out of our coffee).


Upstairs (we’re on the 3rd floor of the building now, 2nd floor of the cat café), the room is sectioned off into cozy seating areas. You have to take your slippers off before entering them.


We were enjoying our coffee in our little “cubicle” when we had a little visitor stopped by.


Occasionally, a particularly social cat will enter the little seating area but most of the cats were lounging in the common space just outside the cubicles.


Some of the cats were super playful like this little guy.


Most of the other cats just roamed around. There was only one cat that was very skittish around people.


If you really want to win over some of the cats’ affection (or at least have them come over to you), you have the ability to buy some cat food downstairs for a very reasonable price.

My friend went and bought the cheapest one and I think it was only a few thousand won (a few dollars).



But be warned, the cats will swarm you when they see you have food. They were climbing all over us, the table, even the half wall behind us in an attempt to get some of the delicious wet food.


These cats are also fed dry food regularly but they only eat it when they’ve made sure no one else is offering wet food.


Student & Traveler Tips

I believe that with the purchase of a drink, you are allowed to stay and play with the cats for 3 hours on weekdays and for 2 hours of weekends.

Also, they offer a small discount to students of Ehwa Women’s University if you can provide an I.D.

The reason that I really like this cafe is that all of these cats have been rescued off the streets. This explains why certain cats were more social than others. They are all also available for adoption!


52 Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Happy Travels!

xoxo V.L.R.




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