Sheep Café// Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is know for its quirky cafes and unique charm, so it’s no surprise that alongside the puppy and kitten cafes you’ll find a café with sheep! Tucked away along one of the busy streets in the Hongdae district of Seoul is Thanks Nature Cafe, a café that houses two sheep: Lala and Lulu.

Inside the Café

Probably for health/sanitary reasons, the sheep aren’t inside the café itself. The sheep reside in a pen just outside the cafe; you’ll actually see the sheep first before you enter the café.


To be able to enter the pen and pet the sheep for free, you have to buy something from the café.

The café itself is super cute. There are sheep decorations all over the café- so make sure you look for them! Also the man that runs the café is very nice and was even sweet enough to take a photo of me and my friends so we’d all be in one picture- and I didn’t even have to ask him!



There are some other cool decorations in the café other than just sheep. How many of these faces can you name? (I knew 12)



Like the typical themed cafe, the coffee prices at this cafe will be a bit expensive. Remember that your not just paying for the cup of joe, but also for the atmosphere (sheep included).

The coffee cup was actually pretty big- and the vanilla latte was very good! There are also other drinks and desserts available here.



Outside the Café

The sheep are held in a pen outside the café entrance. As I mentioned earlier, if you buy something from the café, you can enter the sheep pen for free.


The sheep are really chill, they do their own thing for the most part. There’s a big bowl of hay available so you can feed the sheep. The hay is pretty much the only thing that interests the sheep so if you want to win them over for a little bit, hay is the way to go.


As mentioned earlier, the sheeps’ names are Lala and Lulu but I honestly couldn’t tell them apart. Both of them are really cute and are super soft!


Student & Traveler Tips

I know there are a lot of animal lovers out there so let me first start by saying that in no way did I perceive these sheep to be unhappy or uncomfortable. Their pen area was quite large and they could always move off into a more secluded area if they didn’t want to interact with humans.

They also really seemed to love their caregiver (the man who owns the café). They ran up to him when he entered the pen (although I think they were just trying to mooch some food off of him).

I also think it’s import to mention that, because these are actual living and breathing sheep, there is a distinct sheep smell. You get used to it pretty quickly (and I didn’t really smell it in the actual cafe) but don’t be surprised that they don’t smell like roses.

If you’re looking for this cafe, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for this sign:


You have to find this sign on the sidewalk and then take the stairs to the lower level to find the café. It’s a little hidden but it makes the atmosphere of the café more peaceful since it’s not in the middle of the busy street.


Happy Travels!

xoxo VLR


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