Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim museum is located in the beautiful Basque city of Bilbao. The museum is a contemporary and modern art museum that exhibits various larger-than-life works of art.

Guggenheim Interior

Some of the exhibits on display included Andy Warhol’s “Shadows” and Richard Serra’s “The Matter of Time” display.

Unfortunately, the museum didn’t allow photos to be taken inside.


Guggenheim Exterior

However, some of the most famous, and impressive, exhibits are outside of the Guggenheim museum (making them free to view for the public!).

The “Puppy”


Ft. Me to compare size

the pupppy

The “Puppy” sits outside one of the entrances of the museum.

It’s a large metal sculpture that looks like a sitting puppy or maybe even a bear cub. It is covered from head to toe in a colorful array of various flowers.

I really liked this work of art. I’m not the biggest fan of contemporary art but I can defiantly get on board with something this beautiful.

The “Maman”


One of the other iconic figures outside the Guggenheim is the giant spider sculpture known as “Maman.”

It is a ginormous structure that is several meters tall, looming ominously above anyone that enters the museum. It stand on its stilt-like spider legs and holds a sac of eggs underneath itself.

I feel that it portrays both fear, since many people are afraid of spiders, and elegance, since it looks like a delicate figure on those long, thin legs.

It was a highly controversial piece when it was first revealed and remains the center of attention to this day. But it fits in with the contemporary design of the museum in the background.




One of the other smaller sculptures around the exterior of the museum includes these shiny, candy-looking sculptures. The exhibit is called “Tulips” and is much smaller than the two previous works.

I can somewhat see how the sculpture can possibly resembles tulip buds, getting ready to bloom.

“Tall Tree & The Eye”


“Tall Tree & The Eye” is a sculpture of numerous spherical balls, all of which are various sizes.

They don’t seem to be arranged in any particular design, other than being stacked upon each other. I did think it was interesting how the spheres can reflect the surrounding waters and the building in each orb.

Student Tips

Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to pay to view the exhibits that surround the museum. Personally, I preferred those to the exhibits inside the Guggenheim and those are the most iconic works of art.

If you’re studying abroad and have your student ID on you, you get a small discount as long as you show your ID.

If your’re traveling in group that has more than 20 people, like a professor-lead study abroad experience, you all can receive a group rate.

Hey, every euro counts!


Happy Travels!

xoxo VLR




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